Piecraftian Perspective

The project ‘Piecraftian Perspective’ was my 2016 Final Major Project for the University of Greenwich.

The piece consisted of 3 major areas of research,

  • – Photography
  • – 3D Modeling
  • – Architecture

The main technological aim of this project was to combine wide angle photography with 3D modeling. The central image is a photograph, and the 3D world is built around it.

I wanted to create a piece that reflected on the mood of the current world, in terms of Money and Power, and how that would feel to a individual.


The gallery display piece itself consisted of 6 Mounted images, suspended by steel cabling from an 8ft scaffolding rig. I wanted this piece to feel large and intimidating, and to tower over the viewers, but also being able to have a direct line of sight to the center of the image. All 6 images are distanced from each other to create a shifting perspective.



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On the Back is inscribed “WE SHALL MEET IN THE PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO DARKNESS” – George Orwell, ‘1984’.



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